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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is your business protected from and prepared against security threats and data loss due to system breach, viral infection, natural disaster or hacking attacks? You are running a risk of losing sensitive and valuable data if you are not hosting your backup in the cloud.

Important data loss due to any reason can impact your business negatively. It can result in serious financial losses and downtime due to business discontinuity and damage your company’s reputation, lowering your business productivity.

Avail our remote backup services to protect your sensitive data and ensure business continuity even when disaster strikes. We can help you develop a solid and reliable backup plan to include on site and cloud based backup solutions- giving you the peace of mind that your data is preserved safely. Rest assured, your business will not come to a standstill in case of system interruption or a natural calamity.

At My IT Company, we provide you with remote backup services and solutions helping you restore virtual copies in case your critical machines get damaged or lost due to any reason. Our onsite backups help fast recovery from data hack or errors making it easier for you to continue your operations without any delay.

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