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Jones IT has been San Francisco’s leading IT services and IT support provider for over a decade. Our clients include some of SF’s most recognizable companies. We support businesses ranging from small startups to established consultancies. We offer complete managed IT solutions and IT consulting services in easy to understand packages that cover ALL your IT needs. We support Mac, PC, iOS, Android, servers, networks, and all the software in between. Our professional and friendly tech staff put your business needs, continuity, and efficiency first. We communicate with you frequently so that you know exactly what is happening and are always in control. Our services include but are not limited to the following:


IT security, cybersecurity, network security… You name it, we know how to keep your business safe. We can set your team up with malware protection (this includes protection from viruses, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, & more), teach them how to use a password manager, and even perform penetration tests to make sure your company is prepared for an attack.


We ensure all your data is protected from the worst case scenario. We perform cloud & onsite backups as well as scheduled monitoring, testing, & maintenance. We prepare for everything by making sure you have a plan for data restoration & disaster recovery, just in case.


We help you navigate the complex world of Bay Area ISPs to choose the most efficient and cost effective ISP for your business. We will negotiate the best deal with your ISP and ensure your hardware is set up in such a way that  you don’t experience downtime.


Our crack team of wifi experts makes sure your office has lightning fast wifi. We diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix slow wifi issues to set you up with the right wifi network for your team. We also perform network monitoring and set up alerts so we know if and when important services are offline. Our team is trained in all of the major enterprise grade network hardware, including Cisco Meraki & Ruckus.


We make sure your VoIP system is working as well as the salesman told you it would. Whether you’re using 8×8, RingCentral, or another VoIP system, we ensure your calls are always crisp and clear.


If you’re thinking of taking the plunge to Office 365 or G Suite (formerly Google Apps), we can help you through the process. From migration to training your team, we will guide you every step of the way.


We make sure your software is updated and your team is protected by pushing updates behind the scenes, with almost zero effort from your team.


We can clean up your spare inventory, throw away the junk, repurpose the good stuff, and make sure the inventory of spare laptops, adapters, and chargers is in good order. We also handle small cable management & installation projects, such as bringing ethernet cabling to a new pod of desks, or installing another wireless access point in just the right place. You can rest assured that when we are done with your office, all the cables will be tucked away so everything looks pretty.


We make sure that your employees are ready to go from day one. We can get their computers set up, recycle old user computers, set up cloud accounts, and handle any IT related processes when onboarding and offboarding employees. Your HR team will love us.


We make sure your meetings start on time and you don’t keep people waiting while  you try to figure out why your Polycom is malfunctioning… Again. We are well versed and certified in all major conferencing systems including Chromebox for Meetings, Zoom Conferencing, & Polycom. We can also set up digital signage and instructions, as well as train your team to use your conferencing systems.


We serve over a hundred local businesses and chances are that we’ve seen it all. We can offer advice on all types of IT solutions, from hardware troubleshooting to software recommendations. Our team is just a call away if you need remote IT help desk support for even that little thing that is impeding your progress. We also do weekly onsite support and take a proactive approach to IT to prevent downtime before it occurs. While you can bother your highly paid engineers to update their system or take their Macbook to the Genius bar, it’s a lot easier to hand it off to us and let your team do their best work. Essentially, if it has a power button, we support it.